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Win At Life :Conversations about Disability awesomeness in awareness

Win K Charles and Danielle Coulter

Welcome to Win At life  conversations about being awesome with a disability and raising awareness at the same time and absolutely Yes sometimes you have to say F…..CK you to your own mindset and especially your disability! Ever feel like you’ve had a difficult day as a CEO at office especially when you’re managing the office of a disability? welcome to Win at life celebrates and promotes the importance of education of disabilities particularly to caregivers that care for those disabilities and the disabled humans alike, and those who are just interested in learning about disabilities so that they can support people with disability in the community such as employment or daily living needs or giving to those looking for employment I welcome you to the education space of a CEO with a disability the meaning behind The Podcast name is because we are CEOs of our lives, and being the CEO of the company and your life can  sometimes be a little bit challenging especially when you have a disability and people technically forget that you as much as your caregiver has to control your disability like a “full-time job”

That YOU and only You are the CEO of